Dec 2 bench and row

for time: (make the bench medium so it is hard but not to singles – like 60%max)

row 500

bench 15

row 750

bench 9

row 1000

bench 5


Nov 18 Push and Pull

super set day

Max sets of the following: (the rest between sets will determine number of sets)

3 rep shoulder press + 5 rep Push press = 1 set (no rest same weight)


1 weighted + 3 strict + 5 kip = 1 set ( try not to break up but it is not a foul)

Note: This could be teams of 2 with no rest between, or 7 guys with lots of rest and lots of rounds.

Nov 17 Dr. Teeth (back squat)

Back Squat (Dr. Teeth)

Dr. Teeth means multiple ramps so it is flexible. Today is lifting for 2 persons so the rest is 1x

5reps@60%max + 3 reps@70% +1 rep @80% = 1 set (we may have to adjust the weights on the fly because this is experimental)

rest 1x


I really don’t know how many sets will be possible and prudent maybe 3-5.

metcon: not for time, rounds TBD

5 per leg one armed farmer lunges ( switch arms so it is 5 per arm as well)

10 hindu pushups

20 situps

Nov 16 Cleans

Squat cleans 3,3,3,3

Form first – work on catching in the bottom not heavy PC with FS which will be a no rep today.

Make it light and get it right.


7 rounds for time

95lb PC 7 rep

95lb thruster 7 rep

7 bar facing burpees (jump over the bar each rep)

Wisdom of training

This is straight from “70’s Big” and rings true to me.

– Perform large compound strength movements like squat, press, bench, deadlift, row, and pull-ups on a regular basis.

– Address mobility and muscular imbalance/weakness issues.

– Don’t do a stupid amount of volume and avoid most aesthetic-focused programs.

– Understand “met-con” or “high intensity conditioning” does not mean “consisting of retarded shit all the time.”

– Organize the training week to apply stress and give subsequent rest.

– First, specify to your needs, then your wants.

Nov 9 Crip’s last huuray

AKA “Randy’s leg day that I made into a grinder”

Rest:  2 minutes between couplets.

couplet 1 , 4 rounds for time

Front Barbell Squat –15 reps

Box Jump (24” bench) –20 reps

couplet 2, 4 rounds for time

Dumbbell Front/Rear Lunge – 10 steps out 10 steps reverse

Jumping Lunges – 20 reps

couplet 3, 4 rounds for time

Dumbbell Step Ups – 10 reps per leg (use 15-25 lb dumbbells) 18” box

Squat jumps –20 reps

November 6:

Warm Up:  20 Box Jumps, 24″, then 1X5 of…
1. Squats
2. Push Ups
3. DH Pull Ups

Stretch as necessary…

Strength: 4,3,2,1 of…
1. Front Squats
2. Weighted Pull Ups

What’s Next: 3X8 of….
1. Alternating 1 Legged Romanian DL w/ 25# DB (R-L=1)
2. Bosu/Plyo Ball Push Ups

November 5:

Warm Up:  Beelzechub’s Sack Relay (East side grassy area)
4 Rounds, 2 groups 25 yrds apart,
1. Adjusted to Carry 95# BB OH 25 yrds, 2 Squats, Run Back, 2 Burpees

Stretch as necessary…

Strength: 4,3,2,1 of…
1. Power Cleans
2. Push Press

Core:  3X8 of…
1. Alternating V-Ups**
2. Back Extensions
3. Hollow Rocks
4. Standing Side Bends w/35# DBs (R-L=1)

** Right hand to left foot, Left hand to right foot = 2.