November 5:

Warm Up:  Beelzechub’s Sack Relay (East side grassy area)
4 Rounds, 2 groups 25 yrds apart,
1. Adjusted to Carry 95# BB OH 25 yrds, 2 Squats, Run Back, 2 Burpees

Stretch as necessary…

Strength: 4,3,2,1 of…
1. Power Cleans
2. Push Press

Core:  3X8 of…
1. Alternating V-Ups**
2. Back Extensions
3. Hollow Rocks
4. Standing Side Bends w/35# DBs (R-L=1)

** Right hand to left foot, Left hand to right foot = 2.


9 thoughts on “November 5:

    • We can do overhead barbell walk. I will bring a bar and we can load it up with some weight that has to be carried overhead for this distance then squatted (overhead or front for those not comfortable with OHS – yes this is you Blong). I can see this being sufficiently uncomfortable.

  1. The warm up was pretty cool.
    PC – I don’t remember the weights but I ended with 245 for 1 and it was real ugly.
    PP – I lifted with blong mostly, I did a few extra reps at lower weights and failed at 235.

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