Nov 18 Push and Pull

super set day

Max sets of the following: (the rest between sets will determine number of sets)

3 rep shoulder press + 5 rep Push press = 1 set (no rest same weight)


1 weighted + 3 strict + 5 kip = 1 set ( try not to break up but it is not a foul)

Note: This could be teams of 2 with no rest between, or 7 guys with lots of rest and lots of rounds.


5 thoughts on “Nov 18 Push and Pull

  1. moved the press up in weight some during to day. I also lost track of rounds.
    pullups were 35lb

    did a shoulder raise/shrug finish with Crip.

  2. Press – 3@135, 2@115, 2@95
    Pull Ups – 2@35, 3@25, 2@15
    Cool Down – 10 min walk and followed dave thru the shoulder thing.

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