Dec 29

Shoulder workout TBD

Dec 28

Back Squats

Seven rounds for time of:
50 lb. Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
95 pound Power clean, 15 reps
15 Box jumps, 24″ box

Compare to 22Feb2011

Dec 27: Nothing but the back

Messing around came up with this workout. Not sure if anyone is here today. May take too long but will see…

warm-up: 3×10
10# ladder (do Max rep-1 for each set)

T-bar rows 10x(25/45) work up to a 3×10 heavy
– start with 25#, 10 reps; strip the 25# and add 45#, 10 reps; add 25#; strip the 25# and add 45#, 10 reps…
during the 3×10 heavy do 10 hollowrocks between sets

Underhand straight arm pull downs 4×12
12 leg raises

Seated dumbbell rows 4×15

Wide grip lat pull downs 4×12
Russian twists

Chin ups 3xMax rep

Dec 21

Back Squat Pyramid

Determine your numbers before we start. Range weights between 50-85% of PR.

compare to 18Sept2014

Make-up from yesterday…
progressing reps of (start at 3 add 3 per round)
alternate superman (L+R=1)
russian twist (L+R=1)

Dec 14

9,7,5,3,1,3,5,7,9 (descending – ascending pyramid)
shoulder press

25 Hollowrocks
25 GHD
25 Russian twist w/ Medicine ball (L/R = 1 rep)
25 Back extensions

Dec 9: The Drop

Bench Press ladder drop set
Warm up good then…
Pick a starting weight and load the bar up with a number of 5# or 10# plates
do 10 reps then remove a plate
repeat until just the bar then start adding plates and go back up.

See what happens…

Dec 5

Shoulder press
“I just do 10 every time”
pick a weight that will give you trouble for 10 in SP
max shoulder press, then push press till you get to 10
(you should/may get 1 or 2 rounds before PP)
Do sets till you can’t get 10

then core progression (in aerobics room)
starts with 5reps, add 5 every round, rounds TBD (most likely 3)
flutter kicks X4