July 25: Swimming

Going to try a swimming workout at the Army pool:

Total Distance: 600 yards

100 yards crawl warmup
(rest between laps if needed)
4 x 50 yards crawl resting :30 between each lap
(try to keep the timing the same for each lap)
4 x 25 yards crawl changing breathing pattern
(breath every 4th stroke on the first two, then every 2nd stroke on the last 2)
2 x 50 yards your choice of strokes resting :30 between each lap
(try to hit the same time for each lap)
100 yards crawl warmdown
(swim slowly and relax)

This is a beginner’s workout so scale up or down accordingly & bring $3 for pool fee.

July 24: Crip’s birthday

Deck of Cards:
Hearts = Burpees
Spades = Jumping Lunges (each leg=1 rep)
Clubs = Mountain Climbers (left+right=1rep)
Diamonds = Flutter Kicks (left+right=1rep)
Joker = 800m

Face cards = 10
Aces = 11
3 of same suit in a row = 10 air squats

Happy Birthday, Steve!