May 3


4 rounds for time of:
27 Box jumps, 24″ box
20 Burpees
11 Squat cleans, 145 pounds


April 16

By the weatherman’s approval


3 rounds for time of

run 200m, rest 1X run time
run 400m, rest 1X run time
run 600m, rest 1X run time

*rest 1X run time means that you rest as long as it took you to complete the previous interval, so after the 200m run if it takes you 35 seconds, you rest for 35 seconds before starting the 400m run, and so on until you finish all 3 rounds.

April 9

At the track:

Two choices, we can all choose to do the same workout or we can split into two different groups.

Run (THU):
5:00 on,
2:30 off,
6:00 on,
3:00 off,
7:00 on
6:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30,
recover 3:00,
4:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30,
recover 2:00,
2:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30