Feb. 23 Strength Progression

Week 7 Reset.

If you haven’t done this already, change the 4 (weeks to match your max) to a 6 on sheet 1.  We will re-do week 7

Squat – 5×5
Bench – 5×5
Clean – 5×5

3×8 – incline dumb bells
3×8 – dumb bell pull overs

Due to the delay today, Ryan, Drew, and myself are going at 3:30-ish, if anyone else is interested.

Feb 12. The Claaawwww !

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

1. 250 m Row
2. Farmers Walk (Pick your own weight)
3. 20 DU’s
4. Waiters Walk (Pick your own weight)

Farmers Walk – Both hands at the same time, rowers to the water fountain and back.

Waiters Walk – right arm there, left arm back, same distance.

What’s Next:  Core Cool Down

3 rounds 30 sec. Plank Holds, Right, Middle, Left
30 sec. rest between each hold

Feb. 3: An Unfortunate Deck Of Events

Deck of cards with the following:

Spades – Burpees
Clubs – Turkish Get Ups (alt. arms, ea. arm = 1 rep)
Hearts – Dumb Bell Thrusters
Diamonds – Spider Push Ups (on floor, 1 PU = 1 rep.)
Jokers – 400m run
3 in a row penalty – 100 Double Unders

Pick a dumb bell weight low enough to be able to do unbroken movements and back to back if necessary.