July 31 Little DT

10 rounds for time:

115lb barbell

12 deadlifts

9 hang power  cleans

6 push jerks

July 23: Team Murph

Teams of 2 perform for time…..

Both team members run 1 mile then in you go, I go fashion each team performs
1. 100 Pull Ups
2. 200 Push Ups
3. 300 Air Squats
Then both team members run 1 mile.

Teams can not start pull ups until both team members finish their first mile run.  Clock stops after both team members finish their second mile run.

July 11 Worst Parade ever – modified

at the track (for teams of 2)

20 strict pullups (both members)

then starting together:

one member – tire flip from bars to bars (full long axis of the track)

other member – OH lunge with small tire same distance

TWIST – every 2 min do 5 burpees and switch.

20 strict pullups

then starting together:

return to other set of bars

NOTE: if you get to the bars before your partner you may rest but must do the burpees till both are at the bars.

July 1:

Warm Up:
1. 1000 m Row
2. Broom Stick Mobility

Strength: OHS
5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1

Metcon: 4 Rounds for Time….
1. 5 Each Arm DB Squat Snatch
2. 10 Weighted Box Step Over – 18″ Box
3. 20 DU’s
4. 10 TTB