Feb 28

Back Squat and Bench Press

3X2 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90% of max

Choose a body weight exercise you want to work on and do 2-4 sets of that exercise


Feb 27

Open Gym

Feb 25

Deadlift and Shoulder Press

3X2 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 90% of max

Choose a body weight exercise you want to work on and do 4 sets of that exercise

Feb 22

Run 800
50 Back Ext
Run 800
50 Kb swings @ 53 lbs
Run 800
50 situps

The exercises in between the runs can be done in any order to help alleviate any logistical issues.

Feb 21

Back Squat and Bench Press

3X4@ 75%, 1@85%, 1@90%

Pick 2 bodyweight exercises that you personally need to work on and do 2-4 sets of each

GHD situps
GHD Back Extension/Hip Extensions
Hollow rocks
Plank holds
Double unders

Hand Stand pushups

Feb 20

Team Cindy

AMRAP 20 minutes
5 Pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Alternate rounds with teammate, rest when other teammate is doing their round.

Cooldown: German Buffet at Officer’s Club

Feb 15

2 Rounds

40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell squat snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 Situps

Feb. 13

Since I am a benevolent dictator and I occasionally listen to suggestions we will be doing heavy lifting today so that tomorrow is open for running outside in the nicer weather.

Back Squat and Bench Press

3 sets of 6 @ 65%, then 2 sets of 1 @ 85 % of max

6 minute running clock plank hold for max time. On the start of each minute you must switch to a different plank hold, start in the front plank hold then rotate to do each of the side plank holds. The goal is to hold the plank for as much of the minute as you can before you switch to the next one.

Minute 1 -Front
Minute 2 – Side 1
Minute 3 – Side 2
Minute 4 – Front
Minute 5 – Side 1
Minute 6 – Side 2

Feb 8

Warmup – snatch practice

20 Snatch
Run 400
50 kb swings @ 53 lbs
Row 500

your choice for snatch weight, choose something semi-heavy that you can do the snatch set within 3-5 minutes

Feb 5

Team “Chief”

Teams of two, running clock. 5 rounds of each partner doing 3 minutes of

135 pound Power cleans, 3 reps
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

If your partner ends his 3 minutes in the middle of a round you pick up where he finished, total rounds by the end is the team score. So partner 1 does three minutes of the above workout and at the 3 minute mark partner 2 picks up where partner 1 left off. Repeat until each partner has done 5 rounds.

Feb 1

teams of 2 (one team at a time. Each team member starts on an exercise then swap. 10 sec transition)
2 rounds
1 min GHD
1 min back ext
Rest while the other team/s does this (encouraging them as usual)
then 2 rounds
1 min pullups
1 min air squats