Aug 22 Deck of cards

At the track. Leave gym at 11

deck of cards

spades – pullups

hearts – TTB

Clubs – floorwiper

diamonds – strict burpees

Jokers – run 800

3 suit in a row  penalty – 10 tire flips


July 11 Worst Parade ever – modified

at the track (for teams of 2)

20 strict pullups (both members)

then starting together:

one member – tire flip from bars to bars (full long axis of the track)

other member – OH lunge with small tire same distance

TWIST – every 2 min do 5 burpees and switch.

20 strict pullups

then starting together:

return to other set of bars

NOTE: if you get to the bars before your partner you may rest but must do the burpees till both are at the bars.