Update on my hip

I had a steroid and contrast dye injection in my hip last week. Dr. Franklin at Sports Med gave me an injection in the hip with a big needle. Then he said worst is over and pulled out an even bigger needle. He used an X-ray to guide it to the right spot. The MRI confirmed a torn labrum in the hip joint due to a “cam” bone spur. He cannot tell how bad the tear is from MRI.

I will try prescription anti-inflammatory and Physical Therapy for the short term. He said pain will eventually subside. But, the damage is there and will never heal. If I aggravate it, it will flare up again. So, I’m leaning toward surgery to remove the bone spur and do what he can for the cartilage. He said he does about 15 of these a month. So, I feel pretty good about that.

Doctor’s Report on my Hip

An X-ray showed I have a bone spur on the head of my femor that has likely torn my labrum in the hip joint. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday to see what damage there is.  Farewell squats, lunges, burpees, TTB, and rowing. It was fun while it lasted.