Strength Programming

I’ve created this page for participants to track their progress using a “Starting Strength” Program or similar. The basis of this strength program is based on Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strengh model. It’s recommended to start out with the novice program. This program is setup to go 3 days a week and the model is as follows:

Workout A:
Back Squat 3×5
Bench Press 3×5
Dead Lift 1×5

Workout B:
Back Squat 3×5
Barbell Shoulder Press 3×5
Power Cleans 5×3

The weights are done across at one poundage, not incrementally increasing. I recommend starting at a weight at approximately 60%-65% of your 1RM. Be sure not to increase the weight too quickly. 5 lbs will be sufficient on the pressing movements and the squat (since it is done every workout) and 10 lbs on dead lifts.

You can supplement each workout with a body weight movement for 2-3 sets of max effort. A good selection would be Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Dips, Push-ups. You can add a couple of sets of core work as well, but keep in mind you will be hammering your core with the squat and DL, so keep it moderate.

46 thoughts on “Strength Programming

  1. Randy
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 185# (2 min rest)
    Military Press 3×5 @ 95# (2 min rest)
    Power Cleans 5×3 @ 115# (1 min rest)
    Max rep Pull-ups (10,9) (2 min rest)

    Weights are based on approx 60% of my 1RM. The rest breaks were kept to a minimum since these weights did not tax my muscular strength like they will when I get closer to my strength ceiling.

  2. Ryno
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 115#
    Bench Press 3×5 @ 115#
    Deadlift 1×5 @ 185#
    Max Rep Pullups 3 rounds (13, 12, 10)

    Weights are based on approx 60% of my 1RM. Worked rest periods by going back and forth between BS and BP and the DL and Pullups. Expect that to change as I get closer to my strength ceiling.

  3. 8/17/2011

    Back Squat – 3×5 @ 190#
    Bench Press – 3×5@ 185#
    Dead Lift – 3×5@ 220#
    Dips – 1×8, 1×6 @ BW

    Slow Run – 2 miles @ 20:10:00

    Notes: Slight discomfort in both shoulders during BW dips. Thought it best to go ahead and bail at rep 6 rather than risk possible injury.

  4. 8-20-2011
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 195#
    Shoulder Press: 3X5 @ 105#
    Power Cleans 5×3 @ 120#
    Pull-ups max reps @ 11,8,7

    Smashed finger in car door on Saturday, so this is going to impact my progress over the next few weeks. Took 7 stitches.

  5. 8-29-2011
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 145#
    Bench Press 3×5 @ 130#
    Deadlift 3×5 @ 235#

    Did 3×5 overhand grip weighted pullups (25#, 35#, 40#). Much harder using overhand grip vs. neutral grip. Mistaken used 130# on BP. Next time will go up 10# to 140 to get back on schedule.

      • Program is good. I hope that all this work at lower weight (60-80% effort) will pay off towards the end of the program.

        Squat form is definitely improving. I am also seeing improvements in my clean, shoulder press and deadlift form. Have done all deadlifts without using sumo technique.

  6. 9-2-2011
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 155#
    Bench Press 3×5 @ 140#
    Deadlift 3×5 @ 245#

    Deadlifts are getting heavy. Did 3×10 of the “Paudy” (Paul/Randy) – one arm DB situps w/ 20# DB (5x each arm).

  7. 9-3-2011
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 195#
    Bench Press 3×5 @ 185#
    Shoulder Press 3×5 @ 95#

    Finished up with some light arm work (3×5 straight bar curls and rope press downs). Finger has healed up quite nicely over the last couple of weeks. I am still leary of doing any pull movements such as dead lifts, power cleans or pull ups since I don’t believe the finger is strong enough.

    I ended up taking my stitches out myself while on the cruise. It was quite an experience.

      • Starting to get heavy but feel that I am getting stronger. Haven’t had any failed reps yet but getting close to stalling on the shoulder press. I did Monday’s metcon yesterday and could tell that my shoulders were not recovered. Fatigued very quickly on the dips, T2B and DU. Plus my pecs are sore this morning from the burpees and I have to do bench today. From here on out will only run or do core work on my rest/recovery days.

        See that your heel is holding up with all the sprint work you are doing with Dave. Soon you will be smoking me in the sprints (if not already).

      • Its gonna be a while until I am back up to running at the pace you and David set, my legs and lungs are just getting back into it (and carrying 15 extra pounds from last summer isn’t helping). Feels great to be able to run again though.

        Good to hear that it seems to be getting you stronger. Once it got heavy for me I wasn’t even doing running on the rest days and i was still sore most of the time. Shoulder press might have to start going up by 5 lbs, and then maybe just add more clips :-). You read about how to do a reset if you start to fail?

  8. 10-11-2011
    Back Squat 3×5 @ 205#
    Shoulder Press 5/5/3 @ 115# (push pressed other reps).
    Hang Clean 3×3 @ 130# (had to leave before I could finish sets)

    Only have one more week in the program so will give one more shot at Shoulder Pressing 115#. Got to do a better job at channeling the hate next time to get those last two reps.

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