June 28 Let it spring

Back squat 2×8, 2×5, 2×3

Then – for reps:

1 min jumping bar squats (45 lb bar)

1 min rest

1 min jumping lunges (switch legs in the air)

2 min rest

1 min jumping air squat

3 min rest

1 min walking lunges

June 20 A long time coming

A blast from the past

At the track, bring water and a towel for hand drying and gloves if you go them.

For time:

run 200, max Pull up

run 200, max toes to bar

repeat till you do 100 pull ups and 100 toes to bar. If you finish one thing early you must only run 200 to the next bar setup.

The killer – one set of 50 burpees must be performed. Your choice on where to put it.