Sept 28

10 to 2 to 10 by 2
shoulder press
scotty bobs (one push +2 pulls = 1)

25 Hollowrocks
25 GHD
25 Russian twist w/ Medicine ball (L/R = 1 rep)
25 Back extensions
25 TTB

Sept 13 You take the baby

At the track. The bus leaves the gym at 10:30.

teams of 2

tire flip medley down and back (both people on the tire at the same time)

While this is happening,

One team has to go around the track alternating (this means one with the sack at a time) with Beelsechub’s sack (on one shoulder or in front – NO across both shoulders)

Rotate until all teams have taken the sack.


What’s next?

If anybody is froggy, then go at it with

individual  tire flip races (side by side flip race for a set distance)


sack around the track, individual.