Feb 28 WOD

Deadlift – 5-3-3-1-1-1-1

10-1 burpees,1-10 pull-ups


Feb 25

Front squat 3X3
back squat 1X12-20

Metcon:for time and weight
3 rounds (push jerk increases each round)
3 push jerk
10 KTE
15 deadlift 135

what’s next?
3X 3 pull max watt on the rower

Feb 18 WOD

Shoulder Press: 5×3

400 m run (7 degree incline)
21 Pushups (release at bottom)
21x GHD’s
21x Ring Dips

400 m run (7 degree incline)
15 Pushups (release at bottom)
15 GHD’s
15 Ring Dips

400 m run (7 degree incline)
9 Pushups (release at bottom)
9 GHD’s
9 Ring Dips

500 m row

Skill Work:
Overhead Squat if time permits. We’ll try to ram through the overhead presses with minimal gossip time.

Feb 16

Dead lift 3X3

teams of 2
2 rounds
1 min GHD
1 min back ext
then 2 rounds
1 min one arm DB hold
1 min air squats

8 min total not including 10 sec rest between rounds.

Feb 11

Scott’s birthday present
“Oh how things change after 30”

For time
30 Ground to Overhead (135#)
30 Ring Dips
30 DU’s
30 Turkish Getups (35#)
30 KTE’s
30 calorie Row
30 Pullups
30 Thrusters (95#)
30 Burpees

Feb 9

back squat

Skill – 3X max hold at top of pullup
3 rounds
10 Shoot throughs
10 hanging power cleans 95/75
10 hollow rocks
10 toes to bar

Feb 7 WOD

Dead Lift
3×5 with burnout set 12=>15 reps

Short Metcon:
AMRAP in 15 min
5 Burpees
5 Turkish Getups (35#, alternate arm each round)
5 Double Unders (no sub, singles don’t cut it anymore)

This metcon will be somewhat of a skill development workout based on our group. The DU’s are set low enough as to not be intimidating so if you have to do 5 individual DU’s to complete the DU set, then do it. Oh and by the way, YEA BURPEES!!!

Feb 4

Front Squat 3X5
Back squat 1X12-20

For time:
135 pound Thruster, 15 reps
35 pound weighted Pull-up, 15 reps
95 pound Thruster, 21 reps
20 pound weighted Pull-up, 21 reps
65 pound Thruster, 36 reps
36 Pull-ups

Feb 2 WOD

Straight from Big Sexy!!!

5 5 minute rounds, with 1 minute transition time.

Max double unders, or 5 regular jumps
Max L-Pullups
Max Situps (regular, not GHD. Hands must touch floor on recline and toes at top to count as rep)
Max distance on rower

David will be setting up the rings for the L-Pullups. The form will be such that ass has to hit floor first before feet and leave floor last on pullup. This will suck more than regular L-Pullups since it will force each participant to go full range on depth and also to maintain leg form without cheating. This will be more of a skill movement (for 5 minutes).