August 14 The circus

front squat 5,5,3,3


Randy’s battlerope dandy

30sec each, Rounds TBD

A1. Explosive In/Out Plank Walk
A2. Explosive Cross Lunge Hop

B1. In/Out Lateral Plank Walk
B2. Sumo Squat to Lunge Walk

C1. In/Out Plank Walk
C2. Explosive In/Out Squat Walk

Today we will be doing this straight through then rest between rounds.

August 2

Back Squat Dr. teeth

Dr.teeth is 5+3+1 then rest then repeat (3 rds total)

3 rounds
Straight leg DL w/ DB 10 reps
Walking lunges w/ DB 20 reps (each step counts 1)

core cool down – TBD

July 26:

Bench Press:
3×8, 3×6, 3×4
Descending Drop sets of 8-10 reps @ 125, 105, 85, 65
Ascending sets of max reps back up to 125

Metcon: 3 rounds of the following
1. 8 x DB Rows
2. Waiters Walk
3. 8 x Body Row
4. Farmers Walk

Core: 12 Rnds of 10 pot luck style