July 24: Crip’s birthday

Deck of Cards:
Hearts = Burpees
Spades = Jumping Lunges (each leg=1 rep)
Clubs = Mountain Climbers (left+right=1rep)
Diamonds = Flutter Kicks (left+right=1rep)
Joker = 800m

Face cards = 10
Aces = 11
3 of same suit in a row = 10 air squats

Happy Birthday, Steve!


3 thoughts on “July 24: Crip’s birthday

  1. I had a meeting pop up at 10:30 I have to coordinate so I’ll be a little late. Try and take a longer time warming up so I can get there before the cards start to flip.

    • yeah me too…. i gotta catch a plane…… to Canada…. i may be a bit late….. yeah that’s the ticket…. :o)

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