March 7 Push pull


DB incline press

body rows

then superset:

pull ups

parralette push up


3 thoughts on “March 7 Push pull

  1. this turned into a 10×10 for bench and pull ups

    BP 10×10 @ 135
    PU 10×10 assisted on gravitron first two were at 60 next two were at 80 last 6 at 100, i think

    body rows and parralette push ups were done max reps rapid fire, 5 sets no rest straight through.

    holy muscle burner batman

  2. Crip showed up and saved this one.
    BP 165 5×10,9,7,7,6,5+one to grow on
    I chased Crip through the rest of it as best as I could.

  3. check

    supersets of BP/pullups, incline dumbell/pullups

    BP @145, Incline @ 65

    parallette pushups and body rows, check

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