Oct 13 Madkin run

Run madkin mtn. Carpool, leave gym at 11.


17 thoughts on “Oct 13 Madkin run

    • I think someone lost track of time. Assuming you run an 8:00 mile pace, that’s 16 min of running so you would have to do 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 body weight squats in 6:55 sec. Dude?!!?

      • I still think you lost track of time. Given an 8:00 minute pace for both miles, that leaves 6:55 to do 600 reps. That’s only 415 seconds in which to complete 600 reps. No way, no how, nada. You had to take a break somewhere. I mean, your heart would explode doing a rep every half second.

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