Sept 26 Murph

We are doing a specific break up:

mile run

10 rnds of 10, 20 ,30

mile run


12 thoughts on “Sept 26 Murph

      • Ok, either Crip was right and we finished in 35 and 38 instead of 45 and 48, or breaking the reps up into 20 rounds is much faster. that must have been how we did it on 4-27-12.

        As far as breaking it up into 10 rounds go, I know that’s the fastest I’ve ever done it.

        Maybe we should do Murph again in a couple weeks and break them up into 20 rounds and see how the times end up.

      • The 45 time is right because I finished my half-assedness about the same time as Crip. I have done 10-20-30 before and it was much slower for me. My fastest was doing 5,5+5,15. We also trained much harder back then and maybe cheated some of the movements.

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