June 13 shoulders

“I just do 10 every time”

pick a weight that will give you trouble for 10 in SP

max shoulder press, then push press till you get to 10

(you should/may get 1 or 2 rounds before PP)

Do sets till you can’t get 10


shoulder gauntlet  – press and shrug


5 thoughts on “June 13 shoulders

  1. 115 – 10; 7,3; 5,5; 4,6; 2,8 (1x rest)
    95 – 5,5; 6,4; 9,1; 9,1 (3x rest)
    gauntlet – yes
    It was crowded like January in there today – must be beach body season. You have a week to go and you haven’t been in the gym since when?….. Go for it.

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