June 8 Outside and upsidedown

To celebrate the last nice day for a while

At the track:

run 400

do 20 HSPU

run 400

do 30 pullups

run 400

do 20 HSPU

run 400


11 thoughts on “June 8 Outside and upsidedown

  1. I am going to try to go a little early and do this then jump into the deck of cards. I’m shooting for 10:30 at the gym.

  2. Going to go early and do DoC with Steve and Scott. I’ll be at the track at 11. I’ll do this workout with you guys afterwards.

  3. My watch died on me sometime after the 3rd run, but we finished DoC around 11:29, figure I had about a 2 minute rest, that gets me started about 11:31, when I checked my phone after I had finished it said 11:57, so about 26 minutes. My runs were about 1:40, 2:00, 2:30, 2:30. Scaled my HSPUs using the broken cinder block, started out with a stack 2 high went til i could only do sets of 1 then added another piece, got up to a stack 4 tall, they’re about an inch, inch and a half thick. Good times.

  4. DoC – check
    Wod – check. Did the HSPU on the double post. Took a minute but figured out how to wrap a leg around the post to stay up.

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