June 1 push and pull

row 2000 for time

8,5,3,1 shoulder press

then max rep SP @ 155, 135, 115, 95, 75 (this is buffet style so the rest is who shows up)



9 thoughts on “June 1 push and pull

  1. row 7:28.7
    SP 95,135,157,176
    descend – 5,6,6,7,10
    core – did about half then my back said,”Ninja Turtle, you better stop poking me”

  2. row 8:01, including 3 chafing fits
    SP 95,135,145,165
    descend – 2,4,7,10,13
    core – lvl 1 abs of steel

    • Sounds like you have some massive thighs sir. I used to get bad chaffing when I would run track but I used a combination of utter cream, some call it bag balm, and talcum powder. Not only did it minimize the chaffing but it added a few seconds to my 40 time. The kids in hs called my speedy goneballas after my bag balm invention. I suggest it highly, especially with the massive chaffing you are experiencing.

      • I just pictured Shorty sprinting 40m out of 100m race with his legs glued together from his hips to his knees with that concocktion and it made my day.

      • That’s way I was called Speedy Goneballas. The paste would litterally rip every hair out of my legs and I was so smooth. I got a little close the boyz on one occassion. My buddies said it was a hair raising scream as left the blocks.

  3. Row – 7:27.4
    SP – 95,115(4), 125(1), 135
    Descend – 1(PP), 3(PP), 5(PP), 6, 10
    Core – Level 1 Abs of Steel

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