APRIL 25 Burpee run

5K run do 7 burpees every 3 minutes.

compare to 4-10-14.


6 thoughts on “APRIL 25 Burpee run

  1. It pained me greatly to program this. Maybe Crip will come out and use this as his warm up like last Monday. Also, Roger is becoming quite the programmer. I wonder what he will come up with today.

  2. Out today. Have a meeting over lunch. Be there Tues – Fri this week. For next 5 weeks will be on my own (unless a WOD pops up that I can do) getting ready for the next meet. Yard work, laying on the couch or teaching a class are not considered programming?

  3. Ran the 5K part – 26:34.3 (8:35/mile) – got a bit dicie in the middle

    1. 4:27.3
    2. 4:52.0
    3. 5:37.6
    4. 6:21.0
    5. 5:16.4

    i need to work on my pace, right?

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