April 11 4 Saucy Sailors

4x Row 500 for time 1-2x rest


11 thoughts on “April 11 4 Saucy Sailors

  1. Race Recap

    I got up at 5:25am to get ready for the race. Easily the earliest I’ve gotten up in a couple of years. No worries though, had a good night sleep. Ryan picked me up at 5:45 and we headed to Bridgestreet. Once we got near there we stopped at one of the aid stations that was getting set up for the race. Ryan had some running buddies there and he needed to drop some stuff off with them. I thought nothing of it at the time…
    We got parked, Ryan got his race packet and we were all setup. Made a last minute pit stop (huge lines at the port-o-johns but no one really at the mall bathroom so it was pretty quick). This was about 20 minutes before the start. Ryan seems to be a rock star among runners. He was talking to everyone. His running group was planning to run a sub two hour pace so we lined up by them.
    Boom! Race starts. Everyone’s bunched up for a while. Right from the start we’re ahead of our pace. I’m cool with this since I know it’s a faster pace than my sister ran it in, and especially Blonger! More on that later, which everyone already knows is coming. Ryan’s friends are a little ahead of their pace too, so we stick together for a while. After a bit we edge out ahead of them, but keep them in ear shot. Ryan’s doing a good job keeping the conversation going. Dave would be proud. Our pace stays up around 8:40. I’m feeling pretty good, those two days off before the race were a great idea. I skip water at the first aid station. It’s about 2.5 miles in and I don’t want to do anything that would make me have to make a pit stop mid race.
    Things are still feeling good about 6 miles in. Lungs are good. Legs are maybe a little fatigued. Ryan’s still keeping the conversation going. Asking how my legs are and all that. He’s being nice, maybe a little too nice. We get up to the 7 mile aid station and says to grab some powerade. This is his friend’s aid station so he’s over there saying high and shaking hands. I take a drink of my powerade, put the cup down, and there’s Blongers face with a big cheezy grin right in front of me! Ryan’s yelling “Come on Drew! You better run faster! This pace is so easy!” He’s got the Blonger mask up to his face and “motivating” me on. I’m thinking, wow, didn’t see that coming! Nice. Also, screw this, let’s run faster! I was a bit surprised how good of a motivator that was. Ryan stuck his mask behind his back so if I ever dropped off the pace I’d see Blonger smiling back at me.
    I never dropped off the pace. In fact we started gaining on the 1:55 pace crowd. They were ahead of pace too but still, I wanted to pass them by. Ryan knew the strategy for these long races well. He said stay the same pace until the last 3 miles. If you’ve got anything left we’ll kick it up a bit. Just past the double helix part of the course we passed up 1:55 pace group. The last mile and a half we kicked it up some more. The last half-mile Ryan said lets go all out! It felt like a sprint. Ryan’s yelling at me “this is it! Run! Run!” And we do! All the way to the finish he’s got us going as fast as I could down the home stretch, yelling/cheering the whole way. We cross the finish line at 1:53:30. Seven minutes faster than my target time. It was a great race. Thanks for pacing me Ryan, my finish time wouldn’t have been near as good without you there bud.

    Participant Name: Andrew Smith
    Race Name: 2016 Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon
    Race Date: 4/10/2016 8:00:00 AM
    Distance: 21082 meters (13.0998 miles)
    Finish Time: 1:53:28.993

    Overall Place: 199 out of 1125
    Male 35 – 39 Place: 24
    Male Place: 149
    Runner Place: 200
    Madison Residence Place: 45

    Pace per Mile: 8:40
    Average Speed: 6.927 miles per hour
    Pace per Kilometer: 5:23
    Average Speed: 11.148 kilometers per hour

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