March 8 Poor Johnny

20 min poor Johnny run

(That means run for 20min away from gym then run back)


17 thoughts on “March 8 Poor Johnny

      • I forgot I’ve got a monthly meeting that starts at 12. I’ll have to start my run at 11 at the latest. that might work though, I can head out a little sooner than the rest since I’m running a little longer. Maybe I’ll catch back up with the group on the return leg.

      • Hey Crip, I promise I can delay them for you 🙂 11:10… 11:15… even 11:20 no problem !

  1. At The Track:
    1 mile – 7:43.5
    1/2 mile cool down – 4:38.6 – 9:18 pace

    Super Sets of….
    1. 4x :15 Sec Plyo Hockey Stride
    2. 3x :40 Sec Hand Stand Holds, 10x Single Leg RDL
    3. 3x: 10x Ea Leg side Lunges, Max DHPU
    4. 3x: :30 Sec Ea, R Side Plank, L Side Plank, Russian Twist.

    Back To Gym:

    20 minutes out – 2 1/8 miles
    mile 1: 9:06.4
    mile 2: 9:22.7
    then it got ugly….
    mile 3: 11:53.2
    mile 4: 10:27.9
    last .25: 2:51.7

    Total Time 44:51.9, Total Distance 4.25 Miles
    Average ~ 10:33/mile

    All in all pretty disappointing. Better luck Thursday.

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