Feb 29 Leap day

Fooled ya with he title. There will be no leaping today. Rain check on that.

Back squat


This is the ladder version of Dr. Teeth. Presumably all the 5’s are the same or similar weights, the 3’s are similar and so on..

Today will take a while so no dilly-dally or I will name a workout Dilly Dally and do a switcheroo.


8 thoughts on “Feb 29 Leap day

  1. at the track:

    warm up mile: 8:22.7

    1. 3:31.6
    2. 3:38.6
    3. 3:50.6
    4. 3:52.0
    5. 3:59.5
    6. 3:50.0

    cool down mile: 8:39.9

    BW = 212#

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