Feb 5 Buddy deadlift

Start at 185lb

deadlift buddy style till you get to 6 reps then up the weight and start again at 1


8 thoughts on “Feb 5 Buddy deadlift

  1. 3 to a bar was good.
    185,225,275,315,365,405(1,2) =108 reps
    3885,4725,5775,6615,7665,1215 = 29,880 lb
    Deadlift Day

  2. Following Dave and Blonger,
    Completed all rounds of 185,225,275.
    Then finished at 4th rep on Round 5 of 315lb and stopped.

    • You did some awesome lifting today bearing in mind you were giving up several weight classes. If big Drew was here, none of us would have had a chance.

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