Jan 21 Verpee

12 min AMRAP

6 Burpees

2 DL (75%max)

12 V-ups


3x max strict pullups + kip (or jump) and hold negative


4 thoughts on “Jan 21 Verpee

  1. DL @ 75% (236#)
    8 rds + 10 Burpees (had done an extra 4 during the metcon)
    May not have read the pullup correctly so Drew and I did 2 rds of this:
    1 rd of max strict pull-ups with negative each time
    1 rd of max kipping pull-ups with a negative on the last pull-up
    (6, 12, 4, 10)

  2. Verpee is a good name for this. I decided to go with Drew’s 75% because some days you just choose the wrench.
    DL @355
    9 rounds
    After, I felt like I was warmed up so I I did 2X405,5X315,12X225 MMMMMMMMMMmmm……wrenchy.

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