October 29:

Warm Up: At you leisure….

Strength / Skill: 5 x 3 of….
1. Back Squat Dwells – Light weight, get to the bottom of the squat and pause for a 5 count, come back up half way pause, back down to the bottom and pause for a 5 count, back to the top = 1 rep.

2. 30 second Hand Stand Holds, 1X rest between reps.

3. Push Up Plank Holds – Push Up and hold :10 seconds at top, lower to bottom of push up and hold :10 seconds, push back up for :10 seconds, then :10 seconds at the bottom = 1 rep.  At the bottom of the push up, remain at least 1/2″ above the ground.  Perform each Rep on the minute.

Cool Down / Stretch: At your leisure


9 thoughts on “October 29:

  1. I forgot to do the mid pause. I did multiple bottom dwells to work the bottom of the squat @275. Upon discussing this with Gimmejava, I have also had a devilish idea for the next time I do squats – super slow squats. Really slow and really smooth.

    The push up was hard as a plank but not as a pushup. We did it as 1 min = 1round so instead of 2 with 20 sec rest we did 3 with 1min rest

  2. Warm Up – Check

    BS Dwells – 135#
    Hand Stand Holds – Adjusted to 1×3 @ 30 sec, 1×3 @ 20 sec, 1×3 @ 10 sec, Reps every 1:00
    Push Up Planks – Adjusted to 3×3, Reps every 1:30

    Ha, so much for me trying to program an easy day. :o)

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