October 22: Just Jumpin’

AMRAP 30 Minutes…

Complete as many Un-Broken rounds as possible in 30 Minutes of the following ladder.

5 to 50 to 5 by 5, each number is one round.

If you get all the way back to 5 before the time limit, go back up and down the ladder, do not repeat the round of 5 on your way back up.

If you fail to get a set Un-Broken after 3 attempts, get the cumulative number and move on to the next round.

Track your completed rounds.


6 thoughts on “October 22: Just Jumpin’

  1. 2 full rounds + 5 + 10 + 15

    I had the Rocky theme song music blaring from the mirror rooms speakers the whole time. I got a few looks, almost whipped some dumb old lady wandering around into the room, but that music definitely helped keep me going.

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