September 17:

@ Bldg 4550, 3 Rounds with :60 rest at top and bottom.  track time up, and down, each round.

Compare to August 27, 2015


13 thoughts on “September 17:

  1. Doesn’t look like I will make it, have a meeting from 10-12. Am hoping we can get through my part early and might have a chance.

  2. Crap, I really would love to go, but I am in the same boat as Blonger with a meeting at 11-12. I will probably do yesterday’s later this afternoon since I missed it also.

  3. up: 5:34
    down: 2:20
    up: 7:35
    down 2:24
    up: 8:35
    down: 2:16

    Yikes…. working time of 28:44, or about 3:30 SLOWER than my 3 Round PR.

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