August 31:

Warm Up: 3 x 5
1. OHS w / Broom Stick
2. Burpees

Strength: 10-1 / 1-10 (@ same weight both exercises, increasing weight each set) Super Sets of…
1. Front Squat
2. Back Squat


10 thoughts on “August 31:

  1. I did this about 2 weeks ago. I started at 135 and went up 10lbs per round. It was difficult. Try to be agressive with your front squat weight and your back squat will be fine. I used a rest period of 2 other lifters and never broke up a set. This will take a long time if people are guessing the weight so write it down. You can deviate if you feel bad or good. My final front squat is about 75% my all time max.

    • Steve! My mind reading/mentalist thing worked! It just went to Dave instead of you. It also seemed to have traveled back in time from Saturday night to two weeks ago. Amazing. 🙂

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