June 29: Wall Bell Under Arm, Wait, What?

Warm Up: 3 Rounds Of…
1. 5 x DB Thruster @ 20#
2. 5 x KB Swings @ 1 Pood
3. 5 x Box Jump @ 24″

Metcon: Far Basketball Court, 3 Rounds of…
1. 10 x Wall Balls
2. 15 x KB Swings @ 1.5 Pood (55# Rubber Ended DB)
3. 30 x DU’s

What’s Next: 3 Rounds Of….
1. 10 x BB Curl @ 65#
2. 10 x Underhand Triceps Cable Pull Down @ 70-ish #
3. 10 x (Ea Arm) DB Hammer Curls @ 25#
4. 10 x Dips
Scale weight as needed….


12 thoughts on “June 29: Wall Bell Under Arm, Wait, What?

    • metcon should be in the 10-15 minute time domain, no? if we move steady through the arms should be about the same. im thinking about 45 – 55 minutes tops, not much different than any other day.

  1. ok so in the name of time and logistics, we will take the “for time” out of today’s work out. we will form 2 lines and roll through the three movements as quickly as possible then move to the gym in an orderly manner and work on the gun show.

  2. skip the warmup too, or switch up what the warmup is so we can do it in the basketball court. Saves us from going from locker room, to gym, to baskeball court, to gym.

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