June 4:

For “team” time, 2 per team.  Both team members perform all movements

1. Row 250m
2. 100 DU’s
3. Row 500m
4. 75 DU’s
5. Row 750m
6. 50 DU’s
7. Row 1000m
8. 25 DU’s

1 person works, 1 person rests.  The first team member has to finish the movement before the second team member starts the movement.  Teams work there way down the list, 1 thru 8.  Team time starts when first team member starts rowing and ends when second team member finishes 25 DU’s.


5 thoughts on “June 4:

  1. Who is in today? I suggest we try to set up teams with one strong jumper and one not-so-strong jumper.

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