April 6: Shoulders

Warm Up: 2 to 8 by 2 of…
1. Kettle Bell Swings @ 35#
2. Push Ups
3. Thrusters w/20# DB’s

Skill/Strength:  3 x 5 of…
H.S.P.U.’s  Scale Range of Motion or work max holds.

Metcon: AMPAP in 20 Minutes of…
1. 2 x Wall Walks
2. 4 x TGU @ 30# (2 ea. arm)
3. 10 x Push Press @ 95#
4. 20 x DU’s

5 thoughts on “April 6: Shoulders

  1. yikes, this one definitely fits the category of…”it didn’t look that bad on paper”

    Warm Up: Check
    Skill: Getting on the wall was my victory
    Metcon: 5 Rnds+2+4+10+15

    I for got to spicily push press from the ground, which was my intent, so we did them from the rack.

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