March 30: Skill/Strength

Warm Up:  3 Rounds Of…
1. 2 x Dead Hang Pull Up
2. 5 x Push Ups
3. 8 x Thrusters w/ 20# DB

Skill/Strength: (Lighter weight, work on form.)
5×5 Over Head Squat

Metcon: And 1 Too
AMRAP in 15 minutes of 135/115#bar
1. 1X Dead Lift
2. 1X Hang Clean
3. 1X Push Jerk
Add 1X to each movement each round


16 thoughts on “March 30: Skill/Strength

  1. Looks like Drew, Ryan, and myself are going at 3:00 if anyone else is so inclined.

    So are Trace and Justin back full time this week?

      • It varies depending on work/meeting schedule, sometimes we go at 3:00, 3 times a week. Almost all Monday’s are at 3 though, well split group, one group at 11 and another at 3.

    • no, put it down as you need. there will need to be a slight pause between movements, so no power clean to push jerk. dead, pause, hang clean, pause, push jerk. i would assume most people will want to put it down after each ROUND to get a small rest then on to the next ROUND, but some may not need to take hands off the bar until round 4 or so

  2. Warm up: check
    Overhead Squat: Did some with the bar, no check mark
    Metcon: @ 115#, 9 rounds +10+10+8 (elbows are sore, but not as bad as last week)

    • you did some dave so good enough for today. i probably wont do much more than the bar today myself. trying to remember how they feel and seeing what flexibility my shoulder has.

      • They didn’t feel good at all. Shoulders didn’t feel like I could get the bar in the right spot and balance was terrible. Pretty much felt like I had never done them before.

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