Nov 18

Skill: Pistols

Legs Metcon:
· Barbell Jump Squats with 115 lbs – 10 reps
· Walking Reverse DB lunges (25 lb DB)– 10 reps per leg
· Explosive Flying Step Ups w/ 20 lb DB (18” box) – 10 reps
· Stiff Legged Deadlift 135 lb – 10 reps
· Bench Runs (12” box) – 30 reps

Weights are the minimum prescribed but can be increased. Perform 10 reps of each exercise one after the other with no rest between. Please understand, to make this worthwhile, there is no rest between exercises.

Rest for 90 seconds and repeat the circuit. Complete 4 rounds for a total of 200 reps.

Cash out: 1000 meter row

Review the video showing the movements if you have questions.


7 thoughts on “Nov 18

  1. Randy and I did this one last Friday and here is my take on it.

    135 lb jump squat was not that bad. It is just 10 reps but hold your form. 115 will be OK for the little guys 🙂
    The lunges are terrible (we used 35)
    The explosive step ups were 10 per leg and we used 20 lb DB (This is a great exercise and not as terrible as you might think) Try to drive with your heel off the box.
    Stiff legged deads will roast your back (we used a 25 and 22 on a side so we could go lower)
    We did the first round of bench runs at 10 reps per leg but that was too quick and easy and didn’t balance. We upped it to 30 per leg and it fit beautifully.

    This is a lung burner and I took a trip to the can to de-phlem a few times.

  2. Skill: sort of, did the best I could
    Metcon: yes, 135# Jumping Squats and 25# step ups. Last 2 rnds had to go to no weight on reverse lunges and back ext instead of deadlifts.
    row: yes, didn’t look at time.

  3. Skill Practice – Check

    Metcon – 24:49 (95# Jumping Squat, 25# Step Ups)
    1. 4:22
    R. 1:00
    2. 5:18
    R. 1:05
    3. 5:37
    R. 1:22
    4. 6:05

    R. 1:10
    Row – 4:10

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