June 9 Pirate Fran

Pirate Fran

Row 500m
rest according to the schedule.

Fran is 21-15-9 of 95# thrusters and pullups

The rest schedule:
If you tie your PR – rest 10 min
subtract 1 min for every sec over PR.


8 thoughts on “June 9 Pirate Fran

  1. The rest schedule is meant to reduce sandbagging and increase intensity. I gave you guys the benefit if the doubt that there will be no need for rulings over 10 sec. New guys who do not have a PR on the rower – go hard and take the full 10 min.

  2. Row 500m 141.6 sec. I think it was a PR as 146.9 was the only other time I could find.
    Fran – 8:40, scaled thrusters to 75 lbs

  3. PRs: 500m row 1:36.0, Fran 7:01
    Todays times:
    Row – 1:37.1
    9 minute rest
    Fran 11:29

    Pretty good on the row, not so good on the Fran.

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