April 11 Andy and Randy

max set dead hang pullups (over grip)
max set push ups

work up to 3 rep max leg press then do descending set (repeat if necessary)
true (one partner) buddy curls

4 thoughts on “April 11 Andy and Randy

  1. We did over grip strict instead of dead hang because Andy was going too fast. I rested so much it might as well have been dead hang. We did descending straight bar curls because of time.

    Pull up – 12
    push up – 27

    descending leg press – 6’s and 8’s at the top 10-12 at the bottom
    descending curls – 95,85,75,65,55,45

  2. Ya’ll need to explain the rules before I’m ten reps in next time.
    26 pull ups
    41 push-up
    No clue on leg press other than it hurt
    I think I started about 20 lbs lower than Dave on curls

    I gave blood 10 minutes after the curls. My head was pounding like a drum. She said I don’t think I’ll have any problems finding a vein. After she stuck me she said wow that’s coming out fast.

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