April 10 5K burpee run

Run 5k
during the run every 3 min do 7 burpees


14 thoughts on “April 10 5K burpee run

  1. 32:23

    Pulled a Blong and stopped traffic at the end while sprinting across the road. Wanted to get to the finish before another round of burpees.

    • Took me about 30 seconds for each round of burpees. 10 rounds = 300 sec = 5 min.
      Running time would have been 27:23
      Running pace would have been 8:49.
      I’m good with that.

  2. Went to the track late. I looked at my GPS at 12 laps and it already said 3.17 miles in 28:38. I went ahead and ran 12.5 laps cause that seemed like what should be 5k (400m x 12 plus 200m). That took 29:31 and was 3.3 miles on GPS. Anybody know how many laps on that track is a 5k?

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