Sept 26 death by 10s

At the track
7 rounds For time:
10 pullups
run 100m
10 burpees
run 100m
10 TTB
run 100
10 push ups
run 100


9 thoughts on “Sept 26 death by 10s

  1. I am stuck in a board review meeting and am not sure that I will get out of it in time to make it at 11 so don’t wait for me. I’m trying to get moved to a different meeting, so we’ll see.

  2. Crip done gone and afflicted me. My right calf was hurting bad and I had to limp/shuffle speed walk between stations and do burpees pretty much one legged. If Ryno had just walked by a pull up in the last 3 week, I would never have had a chance.

    Good grinder


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