Sept 3

5×1000 @ T pace* w/ 2 min rest
4-miles @ E pace*

*see Training Paces based on VDOT

13 thoughts on “Sept 3

    • Ryan put the VDOT data in a tab at the top of this page. Put in what you ran the 3K then use that VDOT number to find your paces at other distances and intensity designations.

  1. September 2 – Had to work so i ran from my building. 15:00 out, 14:45 back. According to “map my run” it was ~1.65 miles each way so I ran at ~9:05 pace which is close to my E/L pace. Plan to do the 1000 repeats tomorrow.

  2. Sept 2 – Getting started a day early. Just got back from the beach and I felt the need to burn off some calories. Did a 30 min run at my E-pace (12:22). Total miles of 2:42.

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