Aug 22

500m row for time

If you PR you may stop, otherwise it is 3X tries (so look it up Drew)


32 thoughts on “Aug 22

    • The only numbers I found were from 2010 so these numbers are due for a refresh. We do this sometimes off prescribed so individuals may have newer PR’s. About your PR, you don’t want to be last right? If there is one thing you need to keep in mind while rowing this, it is “Try Harder!” A 465 lb DL and much improved endurance should serve you well in this.

      Here are the numbers I have (most from Nov 2010)
      Biggun – 1:21
      Randy – 1:29
      David – 1:29
      B – 1:34
      Crip – 1:34
      Jugg – 1:34
      Ryno – 1:37
      Drew – 1:38
      Mike Clark – quit after 385m

      I think the Dark horse is going to be Blong.

      • You know I was just waiting for a reason to flog you. I was just laughing at the irony that I was yelling at you pulling a 1:23 pace at the end “That is not good enough, that’s not gonna get it!” because your coast in speed was 7sec faster than the my total.

  1. This is what I had written down for times:
    Blong – 130.8
    Dave – 129.3
    Scott – 120.8
    Justin – 139.3

    My splits:
    130.8 500m
    :17.9 1:29.5 100m
    :17.1 1:25.5 200m
    :17.8 1:29.0 300m
    :18.5 1:32.5 400m
    :19.6 1:38.0 500m

    last 150m the wheels feel off.

    Did a cool down 500m working on form, 1:51.4

    • I thought you were going to ride that rower out of the gym and into the sunset. I have not seen a rower move so much since Randy pulled on it before he got his feet in.

  2. Blong came through on my dark horse prediction. Good job pulling today everybody. Drew, you and B need to lay down a good time to beat Ryno today – just ask Crip!

  3. DAMN IT RYNO!!!!!

    10 minutes rest
    10 minutes rest
    homeless position

    sorry randy that was all i had today. my shoulders are toast right now. i can hardly lift my arms over my head, and to shrug right now, forget about it….

    micah was like ….. 1:41, 1:58, 1:53

    • oh, ok… so 2 tenths of a second qualifies as smoked now, eh? got it. 🙂

      well at least i still have bench press, oh wait i probably cant even bench 195 right now either damn it…..

      • Sure does. This result is on the same level as Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson. Your’re expected to row sub-1:30 and I’m an after thought. Then the bell rings….

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