Aug 21 Hello Dolly

Team workout.
Teams of TBD will move the dolly TBD distance with one person in “wheel barrow” – plank position with feet on the dolly and pulling with arms only. Other team members are to walk along side carrying 45lb plate flat in front at the waist. Team members can switch exercises as much as needed but must stay in order. The return trip will be performed with over head dolly lunges (wheels up). Other team members will be walking, carry their plates under one arm. Switch as much as needed.

There are 3 dollys and this will be a race for time.

Maybe bring some gloves.


17 thoughts on “Aug 21 Hello Dolly

  1. The turnout on Monday led me to go get another Dolly so there are 3 teams now. The dolly’s are heavier than I thought but still a great workout weight (40lb). Biggun, if you are scared of the overhead, you could hold the dolly in front rack.

  2. I just tried this in my office. It will be harder on the core than you think . The front rack is no problem. I may make the wheel barrow part longer than the lunges because of leg fatigue this week. B and biggun can you bring some 45’s? I was thinking of doing this in the new parking lot so we can dump the dollies and weights out of the cars and go.

  3. Great turnout today – 9 participants. I love team workouts. We had 3 teams of 3. Unfortunately we had some hand injuries on the pavement. That dolly pull killed my core like a plank but start at 3min.

  4. good to have Steve back.

    Andre: Randy y’all had a good one today
    Randy: silence
    Andre: Randy you wore out looks like
    Randy: no just pissed the f&*k off..don’t talk to me.

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