July 23

For Time

Run 1 mile
Row 1600
Run 1 mile


15 thoughts on “July 23

  1. Going to gym at 10:15ish to do workout before going to eat lunch @ MCDC. Plan is to run the 1st mile on treadmill, row and then run second mile outside. After finishing second mile will continue to run for another 3 miles. If time allows I will then to a max rep of GHDs for some core work. Welcome any company.

  2. Biggun put it to me on the row but I edged him out on the run. If it would have had 2 rows in it, I would not have survived so well.
    row – 6:04
    total – 20:47

  3. row – 6:23 (B got the same time on the row if he’s interested)

    total – 23:09

    Randy kept edging up his pace on that last run. So I had to do the same. Probably wouldn’t have tried as hard if he hadn’t.

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