July 12

For Time:
21 – Shoulder Press (95/65)
Run 400m
21 – Push Press (95/65)
Run 400m
21 – Push Jerk (95/65)
Run 400m


16 thoughts on “July 12

  1. I got bumpers, but new gate hrs. screw me on fridays. Martin Rd. gate I use to come in is closed all day. If we could do this out in new parking lot or something I could be in. maybe switch it up to a team wod or something..2 bars 2 teams

    • Take I-565 to the Jordan Ln exit and come in through gate 10. Don’t think it would add but a couple of minutes to your drive. Can get changed in the parking lot since you don’t need the use of the NASA gym facilities.

      See you next week…

  2. I think we can do 4X100 shuttle runs each round no problem. B, bring your bumpers and we will see what these wobbly legs can get done today. The parking lot is a good idea.

    • I have my 25s from home and will be there today, see you guys at 11. Gym right?

      On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 8:32 AM, MSFC Crossfit

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