April 12: The “Drew”

5 K treadmill for time

88 buffet – max effort


** come on scott we cant wait all day!**

12 thoughts on “April 12: The “Drew”

  1. how about htis one for today….

    1 Round For Time of….

    1. 12x 225# DL
    2. 12x Burpees
    3. Run 1 Mile
    4. 12x 225# DL
    5. 12x Burpees
    6. Run 1 Mile
    7. 12x 225# DL
    8. 12x Burpees

    Whats Next:

    AMRAP 30 Minutes… 88 Buffet

  2. Just posted my planned workout today, I don’t think I can make it so it’s really up to you guys what you want to do. Are you going to the track or gym today?

  3. No timing – just despair. I got to rest from the first workout while Ryno and Crip finished the first round of 12 DL. I did clean grip and stance, but the running was a mental challenge. I ran the first mile like Ryno – 6:40 pace, and the second and third like Drew – 8:30ish pace.

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