June 30th

15-1 by 1

Back Ext
Side planks (must do both sides each round for total time. i.e. 15 second hold on right side, 15 second hold left side. for first round.)
Leg raises.

Max distance run in 20 minutes. Or just do a distance you guys feel like for time.

Cool down:  Stretching (hamstrings, hipflexors, hip mobility)


12 thoughts on “June 30th

  1. doubtful B will be at 11….got a 4th of July parade at daycare at 9 and we have moved off site, so probably won’t make it back out at 11..if not see y’all tomorrow..

  2. Dudes. I am on the DL List. The deadlifts on Monday were too ambitious. I had to take Tuesday off. I can almost stand up straight now. My own fault. I did run 1.25 miles yesterday. Getting better.
    But I may have to shy away from loading up the spine for a few days/weeks. I will work on my running. I am stoked about the Warrior run. Arthur.

  3. I was just going to program core work today but you asked for running yesterday. I was thinking about doing this on the rower or bike later since i can’t run anyway.

    How was the core metcon?

  4. On the way to my GHD machine at home last night i fell on the couch and passed out for an hour…so i essentially napped for a workout last night.

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