July 1st, You got three days to recover

Back Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30
Body weight Bench press 5 rounds (rest as needed for max effort)

Goal is to get the highest total weight when you add up the weight on the bar for each round, not the weight X reps.

As a guide shoot for close to 1RM for the singles, and maybe 70-90% for the 10 set, 50-70% for the 20 set and ~40-50% for the 30 set. Once the bar come off the rack it can not be re-racked until you finish your set.


17 thoughts on “July 1st, You got three days to recover

  1. Its totally up to you, the last time i tried this i went 315-335-365, where 365 is pretty much my 1RM, i might start a little higher this time and not make big jumps. Its also the end of the week, so fatigue might be an issue. It was more of a comment to know that those 1 rep sets are supposed to be high weight, and the higher rep sets are lower weight. Instead of using close to the same weight all the way through.

  2. I would like to do the Bench side of the work out, but I have to stay away from squats for a while.
    I apparently have a weak spine… just ask my wife.

  3. 315-235-335-195-345-155. My legs are not going to like that this weekend. The 345 was easier than I had expected since my PR is 350. I think the 20 set was the hardest.
    3 rounds of bench 13,8,5

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